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I love my travel family <3
2 out of 2 houses we rented out were destroyed. 
We are not getting our security deposit back. 

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Sex blog! How to have an amazing orgasm!
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Vintage Style on We Heart It.
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My Last Semester At Hunter College is…

going to be a roller coaster. I’m scared, excited, anxious, and relieved all at once. [Well of course! Everyone has mixed feelings for every big event in their life.] 
I did so much in 2013 alone and can’t wait to finally go out into the real world. Yeah, I’m not going straight into a program but it is okay. I am allowed to take a year off of school to build myself up right? And I just recently got approval from my mom which is what I’ve been dreading to tell her. 
In 2013:

This last semester could either go really well or really bad. 

What am I taking? My work load?

Bio 2, Orgo 1, Calc, and Behavioral Endocrinology

Pledge Mistress for Epsilon Sigma Phi 

On top of other shit. 

GRADUATION! <3 May 27th. 2pm. Radio City Music Hall.

That is what will make everything worth it. The end of another chapter in my life. 

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I may be getting my life together. What a disastrous miracle of a weekend. This weekend has allowed me to take a step out of my body and see what I’ve been doing this whole time. There has been so much time wasted but I’ve done all that I can do. The remainder of this year will be tough but I’m so ready for the challenge. I refuse to let anything get in the way. 

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"If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you."

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How did we get through a month of 2014 already?

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